When you hire an attorney, you want knowledge, skill, experience and compassion. The attorneys of Bergstresser & Pollock PC have over 100 years of combined experience in litigating lawsuits, many resulting in multimillion dollar results. Below are a few examples of the cases we handle.

Representative cases:

  • Medical malpractice for delay in diagnosing and treating infection after cesarean delivery resulting in quadruple amputation.
  • Psychiatrist failed to commit violent, mentally ill patient over objections of family members resulting in severe personal injury and death.
  • Surgeon failed re-position patient's legs during unexpectedly lengthy surgery causing permanent neurological injuries.
  • Emergency department physician and surgeon failed to diagnose torsion resulting in loss of testicle.
  • Defective design of a street sweeper axle resulting in its sudden failure and cervical spine injuries to operator.
  • Mechanical engineering negligence resulting in malfunction of operating room HVAC system resulting in temperature rise causing sudden curing of hip implant glue when implant was in wrong position.
  • Commercial airline crash of a Douglas DC-9 due to multiple pilot and co-pilot errors causing death of a Massachusetts resident.
  • Primary care physician delays in diagnosing and referring out breast cancer victim resulting in wrongful death of patient.
  • Home purchase closing attorney malpractice failing to discharge prior mortgage resulting in loss of home.
  • Medical Malpractice for delay in diagnosing and treating post-partum preeclampsia resulting in death of patient.
  • Negligent restraint by hospital personnel resulting in patient's death.
  • Defective design of an infant car seat, resulting in paraplegia from a high-speed car accident.
  • Urologist punctures colon resulting pain, suffering, disfigurement and multiple subsequent surgeries.
  • Lawyer files action in wrong jurisdiction resulting in permanent dismissal of personal injury case.
  • Landowner / cleaning company negligent in failing to maintain floor resulting in severe injuries to patron of shopping mall.
  • Negligence by laborer causing construction site liquid propane gas explosion.
  • Plastic surgeon severs facial nerve resulting in permanent disfigurement and paralysis.
  • Pathologists negligently read cervical cancer as non-malignant resulting in three month delay in diagnosis and treatment and verdict for estate.
  • Obstetrician fails to take appropriate pre-delivery measures in high-risk pregnancy resulting in premature delivery and birth injuries.
  • Cyclist struck by inattentive automobile driver resulting in orthopedic injuries, pain and suffering.
  • Primary care physician fails to recognize signs and symptoms of kidney failure resulting in transplant.
  • Medical malpractice for delay in diagnosing and treating sepsis resulting in wrongful death of patient.
  • Obstetrical anesthesia administered negligently resulting in coma to patient.
  • Psychiatrist prematurely discharges suicidal patient resulting in suicide and wrongful death.
  • Lawyer fails to file whistleblower - qui tam action resulting in loss of right to bring case.
  • Surgeon leaves sponge inside patient during cesarean delivery resulting in pain and subsequent surgery.
  • Otorhinolaryngologist performs negligent resection of tumor resulting in subsequent surgery and loss of eyesight.
  • Defective design of truck ICC bumper resulting in mechanic suffering lumbar compression fracture.
  • Negligent placement by foster care agency resulting in fire and brain damage to family member.
  • Employees of hospital fail to transport resected colon from operating room to pathology department resulting in prophylactic chemotherapy, mental pain and suffering.
  • Negligently performed bariatric surgery and post-surgical nursing care result in reversal of surgery, pain and suffering for patient.
  • Dealership's negligent service of automobile contributing to highway accident and severe personal injuries to driver.
  • Pedestrian struck in cross walk by automobile driver's inattention resulting in orthopedic injuries, pain and suffering.
  • Engineering malpractice resulting in explosion at construction project and burns to laborer.
  • Primary care physician and neurosurgeon fail to timely treat patient with cauda equina syndrome resulting in loss of sensation and function.
  • Primary care physician failed to recognize signs and symptom of heart attack resulting in wrongful death of patient.
  • Emergency department physician fails to follow up on urine analysis test ordered resulting in sepsis and wrongful death of patient.
  • Pathologist fails to diagnose malignancy resulting in wrongful death of patient.
  • Ski area employee fails to monitor child resulting in orthopedic injuries, pain and suffering of child.
  • Defective design of fiberglass boat which delaminated resulting in passenger drowning.
  • Cardiac surgeon performs negligent surgery on patient resulting in subsequent surgeries, pain, suffering and diminished life expectancy.
  • Incorrect diagnosis of lacuner stroke results in delay in diagnosis, embolism and brain damage.
  • Landowner empties pool cover accumulation onto roadway resulting in injuries to motorist.

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